Invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoins, safely

Protect your investments with self-custody and tools to invest wisely.

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We never touch your money

Unlike a bank, we never touch or lend out your money. Your money is secured on the blockchain and managed by you.

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Invest wisely with Sock Risk Scores

See how one token's risk profile compares to the overall market. Uncover tokens that pair with your investment strategy.

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Never pay for network fees

Sock more away for yourself by never paying network fees (gas) on your transactions.

*Bitcoin not included.

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Protect your investment

Use automatic orders with a price you set to reap more gains or guard against potential loss—all while holding custody.

*Bitcoin not included.

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Your money is safer on Sock

We never touch your money

Sock is self-custodial, so your money is always safe.

Convert cash to crypto

Move your money in and out of crypto in minutes.

Your funds are safe and secure

Industry leading security for peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions

How is Sock different from CoinBase, Binance etc?

Sock is entirely self-custodial, meaning we never touch your funds, they are secured on the blockchain, and can only be accessed by you. Centralized exchanges like Coinbase and Binance hold custody of your money, and can be perceived as an additional layer of risk. Additionally, most centralized exchanges will charge fees for earning that are opaque, and may appear to earn lower vAPYs.

Is Sock Safe? What does non-custodial / self-custodial mean?

Sock uses industry-leading security for peace of mind. Non-custody means that Sock never touches or controls your money. Your funds are secured on the blockchain, and can only be accessed and controlled by you.

Does Sock re-invest or loan out my funds?

No, sock never touches customer funds. Unlike traditional banks or other investing apps, your money stays in your account and is always available to you. Sock is a non-custodial investment app.

How are swaps fee-free?

Sock operates the Arbitrum blockchain network. Arbitrum is lightning fast and inexpensive to transact on. Sock sponsors the cost of any network fees, making it free for you to make swaps. Excluding Bitcoin.

What are limit and stop-loss orders?

Stop-loss and limit orders are essentially orders you place in advance to sell at a certain floor (stop-loss) or ceiling (limit) price. Either can be set up with a dollar amount so that you can create rules like “sell 2 ETH at $3,500”. If the price of ETH exceeds $3,500, your order will be executed. All orders can be edited or canceled at any time.

How are you able to automate buys and sells while being non-custodial?

Sock uses an Ethereum blockchain feature called Account Abstraction, which enables you to grant permission to your Sock account to set triggered buys or sells on your behalf based on the rules you set. Sock is a non-custodial investing app.

What networks does Sock support?

Sock currently runs on the Arbitrum blockchain network and the Bitcoin blockchain network. Sock supports buying, selling, swapping, sending, and receiving crypto or tokens on Arbitrum or Bitcoin.

How does Sock make money?

Sock takes a small transaction feee (.85%) on all investing trades (swaps).


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